SDR- on the internet…

This is a site about SDR on internet.:

First I found the and it has a great use, and has nearly unlimitted users on a single reciever.. but only about 170 sdr´s ww.

Then, just resently, I found a new system was developed and it is with 440+ sdr´s ww.
It is in a more simple, but also bit smarter way. (but with a limited numbers of
users per receiver).
It is also known as the KIWIsdr project, witch is simply build by a small pc, and rx asambled
together in a small box, and then just connected to www.

mainpage for the project is here.:

To make a big server for all this, there is two ways of getting them.
and there main pages are.:     and

page abt bugs etc.:

mainpage with map.:

This software is also able to use decoding softwares online, so you
may get text out of the same web, live with latancy…
You can receive cw,sstv, rtty, wspr aso, only limited by the supplier
of the receiver..

One of the best stations I have found is this.: