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This is some of the logo´s of the RNARS - Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society, where Im a lifemember 2087.
I joined in the start of the 1980´s, when I was in the Danish Royal Navy, as a R/O.




In 1996 the danish frigate HDMS Peder Skram was turned into a museum ship, and today is refittet with most of the equipment, that was onboard the ship, when she was taken out of service in 1988. I have been making up the radiostation, since I had the goal, and chance to get things up the way it was. And I founded the OZ1RDN Radio Divsion, which is a small group of members that operates the ships radiostation during opening hours. I have been a bit QRL, the last few years, but now in 2012 have returned, and made a handfull of days as a R/O on the ship, including making the ship active in the Museum Ships Event, directed by the USS New Jersey - NJ2BB, also a musuem ship in New Jersey USA.