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I have been working since I was 16 yrs old, and have been sailing as a Radio-Officer in the merchant navy, aswell as in my younger years in the danish navy. The merchant navy, was a chance I could not let be lost, since I was at a electronic company where the financially situation was bad, and I was fired, among others. Then I took the last chance for any sparks in history, since there was only few left on the ships in 1990. This was due to the GMDSS, but I was lucky to get jobs at EAC-Line, Maersk-Line and Torm-Line - 3 years that was the best in my life !
Here will be shown photoes of that spended time I had at the sevens seas.....

On anchor just out of Gilbratar, with LPG Jakob Maersk (tanker) in 1991.

Anchored off Gilbraltar in 1991 with the LPG Jakob Maersk (30.000 t. Gas - Tanker)