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News-clip from SSA-website, in swedish.:


5-MHz bandet öppnas för experiment

PTS har nu börjat tillstyrka ansökningar för experiment sändare inom 5 MHz bandet. För närvarande tilldelas tillstånd inom fyra frekvensområden. De frekvenser som nu är aktuella är följande: 5310-5313 kHz, 5320-5323 kHz, 5380-5383 kHz och 5390-5393 kHz. Bandbredden är begränsad till 3 kHz oavsett modulationstyp.

Maximal uteffekt är 100 watt pep. Mobil användning är inte tillåten. Den som har anropssignal för amatörradio kan använda amatörradiosignalen. Det är tillåtet att kontakta andra som har tillstånd i bandet. Denna verksamhet måste ta hänsyn till all annan trafik i bandet. Det är mycket viktigt att inte störa annan trafik!

PTS tar ut en avgift för administrationen. Tillstånden är tidsbegränsade till sex månader.

Ansökningsblankett finns på PTS hemsida under rubriken RADIO.

Tore Andersson 

 Ordförande i SSA.


in english.:

5-MHz band for experiments

PTS has now begun to aprove applications for experimental-transmitters within the 5 MHz band.  Currently are licensed in four frequency sigments. The frequencies that are now approved,  are as follows:            
5310-5313 kHz. 
5320-5323 kHz. 
5380-5383 kHz  
5390-5393 kHz.
The bandwidth is limited to 3 kHz regardless of modulation.

Maximum power output is 100 watts pep. Mobile use is not permitted. Anyone who has call sign for amateur radio use amateur radio signal.
It is allowed to contact others who have permission of the band.
This activity must take into account all other traffic in the band. It is very important not to interfere with other traffic!

PTS charge a fee for the administration. Permits are limited to six months.

Application forms are available on the PTS website under the heading RADIO.

Tore Andersson

Chairman of the SSA.

(Updated 1.feb.13,  I worked sm0fob/2 on 5 mhz. CW today also....yubee !)


News: 20.march 2012.
F L A S H    N E W S ...
Confirmed informations from the ITST in Denmark, now states that there will be new addendoms for the danish radioamateur-rules as of june 2012.
In this plan the 60m band will be on seconddary permitment, if the holder has a HF-licens, A or B certificate. And in the new rules the band is made to a amateurradio-band, and will then be just as it is in Norway, from 5250 to 5450 Khz...

So then we dont have to pay money for this, - and sorry for those who only have a C/D permit...


Read more about the band alocations under the båndplan 60m HF ( in danish)


News from AmateurLogic TV  on youtube, this link.:




Nødradiokommunikation på 60m. i Norge !

Norske radioamatører benyttede D-star, samt det nye 60m-HF bånd til
nødkommunikation, under de store jordskred i syd Norge, i midten af juni 2011
læs hele artiklen her.:





Så er endnu et land i EU med på 60m båndet, dvs. med en tildeling af et spektrum, istedet for kanaler. Det bliver spændende at se hvad fremtiden vil bringe. Her den mail jeg fik.:

"Hi all,


today I got very good news from Dezo, OM5NA about the new allocation for Slovakia on 60m band as follows:


After several negotiation and requests Telecommunications Regulatory Authority in Slovakia allowed OM station to operate on 60m band up to 5410kHz.


According to that an entire band 5258.5 - 5410.0 kHz is allowed in Slovakia for experimental purposes. The allowed power is max. 100 W ERP and licences are valid for 1 year as same as in OK land.


SARA [ Slovakia Amateur Radio Association ] and ARES associations got the agreement


Thank You to Dezo, OM5NA for information. Congrats to all OMs and I wish good luck to all with hunting new DXCC from Slovakia.


I updated my 60m web already. Please keep updated Your 60m webs and documents accordingly.

73 - Petr, OK1RP





I de sidste par uger har Dave, A92IO (EI3IO) fra Bahraiin, opereret på 5 MHz som en af de første licenserede i Bahrain.

Dave oplyser følgende omkring hans tilladelse, som nu gælder alle radioamaterer i Bahrain.:

(13) Amateur stations are authorized to use two specific 3.0 kHz channel assignments with centre frequencies 5 373 kHz and 5 405 kHz. The corresponding Upper Side Band (USB) carrier frequencies are 5 371.5 kHz and 5 403.5 kHz. These frequencies are assigned to the amateur service on a secondary non interference basis for propagation experiments. Such stations shall not cause harmful interference to stations of other administrations operating in accordance with the ITU Radio Regulations. The maximum mean power of any amateur station shall not exceed 27 dBW (500 Watts).

Ingen speciel ansøgning skal laves, det er altså en permanent tildeling, af de 2 kanaler, og heller ingen restriktion er der på moden. Så nu kan vi altså være heldige at høre A9-stationer på DX-opkaldskanalen 5403.5 Khz. hhv. 5371,5 Khz.

Info modtaget fra Paul G4MWO



Island har efter den 1.januar 2011 fået lov til at være aktive i området 5260 - 5410 Khz, med 100w pep, 3khz bw, mode J3e (SSB) og A1a (cw) - Tillykke Torlin og andre...




28.sep.2011 - Following rcvd form Paul...:

Hi All,

Some news about 5 MHz in Greece

The Greek Ministry of Communication has given permission only to the headquarters club (SZ1SV) of the Greek national amateur radio society, RAAG, for use of the single frequency 5398.5 kHz. Modes permitted are SSB, CW and Digital with a maximum power of 100W PEP. They are hoping to have a beacon on this frequency soon

Information supplied by Manos, SV1IW, Cliff, SV1JG via
Joe W8GEX (60m Information Website)

In the current situation then they would therefore not be permitted to contact any other Greek amateurs, however, apart from establishing a beacon, are they permitted to contact 5Mz amateurs in other countries? I've e-mailed Manos and Cliff and am awaiting a reply on this one


Paul G4MWO
5 MHz Newsletter

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Oct. 2011.

Licens permit is extended one more year for the danish beacon OV1BCN.