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NVIS-Denmark Assn.
5 MHz. Beacon OV1BCN

1st. Danish NVIS Beacon on HF !


Grundet kendsgerninger for NVIS-forhold på 5 Mhz. båndet, har mine eksperimenter med andre radioamatører i Danmark vist et behov for et radiofyr, der kan indikerer de aktuelle refleksionsforhold der findes i løbet af døgnet. 
Jeg har til dette formål fået ITST´s tilladelse til min personlige 5-MHz.-beacon med kaldesignalet OV1BCN.
Den kører i døgndrift alle dage, året rundt. Og med den geografiske placering på syd-vestsjælland, kan en fra Jylland altså køre Sjælland, hvis radiofyret kan modtages.
Det samme gælder Bornholm til Sjælland, og endda til hele landet..


Due to the facts that NVIS-cndx is known on 5 mcs. My experiments with other hams in OZ, have shown the need for a beacon that can show the conditions on reflections during the day. Thats why I have got the personal 5-mcs beacon callsign.:  OV1BCN.


Data of the OV1BCN.:


Start of beacon:      28.oct.2010. ( as of oct.2012 permit is infinite. ) 

Location.:   JO 55 si - apx.10 km. S of Soroe. 

Power.:      permit max.: 30 W erp. ( TX now 30 W. into antenna with several losses.) 

QRG:          5289.5 khz. USB Announcement with female voice.
 5291.5 MT63 1k
5290,5 Khz. CW 
5291,5 khz.  PSK1K  every 2 - 10 min. with CW-ID OV1BCN/B  (for DATA experiments). 

Antenna.:  32m folded dipole 1 m.agl. / 40 m.asl. ( mounted E-W ). NVIS-radiation.

Timing.:      periode: H24  -  hr.+ 04/19/34/49 min. (updt.6.may.11).

Reports are accepted via email -   mail @ oz1fjb.dk     &  qsl via buro.


Service informations.:  
DTG                 Rmrks.
271400z oct 2010 Licens OV1BCN issued by ITST
291330z oct         Beacon started, rig ic-706, TFD with atu, frq. 5290,5 Khz/A1a/20w output.
311200z oct         Breakdown on tx – heating took pa on ic-706. Installed ic-728.
020830z nov         Check of setup, found that atu takes power, so change tx-ant with no atu, more out.
032300z nov         Had to change cw-keyer (pico-keyer) to pc-control. 
                But had prblms. With interface, now keys fm pc.
051530z nov         Was during daytime – off service – now b/c on bpsk31 and cw 
                (afsk center frq. 5290,5 Khz.)
121200z nov         The beacon is transmitting – in a 2min. Cyclus – Video ID / BPSK250 / CW 
251600z nov         The www.qrz.com site for OV1BCN updated with youtube from OK1HAS
062200z may 2011 Beacon had pwr drupout for apx.2 days. 
                Upd. To trx Kenwood TS-690 and pc/sw: AlarmWiz. Now h24 svc.
271440z feb  2013 The TFD antenna modified to a normal 300 ohm folded dipole, 
                with stronger radiated signal. Also transmitter has been the Kachina DSP-505
                for some time. Adjustments done on TX, due to harmonics..
281700z oct             Denmark was hit by a big storm, the beacon antenna was hit by a green-house.
022220z jan  2014   Power dropout/failure, restart pc, no tx-vox untill 031715z. UPS modification ongoing.
200400z may 2015  The schedule software halted, so beacon had a stop for apx. 30 hrs.. Restart and OK.
120500z jun 2015    Now also psk1000 with CW-ID every 2 - 10 min interval... on 5291.5 Khz. (for DATA experiments).
250800z feb 2017    The beacon had been off-air for a few days, since power supply was reduced in voltage=turning off pc...

SWL Reports.:
Date/Time/Callsign/Location - QTB/report.
311300z oct  2010 - G0HNW -  weak RX-sigs of beacon.
012100z nov 2010 - G3PLX -  weak sigs of beacon, s0 / -125 dbm.
020957z nov 2010 - DL8AAM -  in JO41xm RST 529, QRB 440 km (NVIS)
040815z nov 2010 - GM4WMM - RST 579 qsb qth IO89lb/Orkney Isl. (QRB. 968 km)
041511z nov 2010 - SA2BFO - RST 549 in KP04BW (QRB. 1174 km).
041815z nov 2010 - G0HUZ - RST 58,  in JO02lp (QRB. 754 km)
081439z nov 2010 - OZ9YB - RST 9 qsb , in JO55ei (QRB.74 km.)
111100z nov 2010 - OK1HAS - RST 579 qsb in JN79nd – QRB 733 km.
161015z nov 2010 - DJ8EE - RST 539 in JO53ao / Hamburg, QRB.: 217 km.
251000z dec 2010 - OZ1BPZ - RST 519 in JO55pg / Skaelskoer, QRB: abt. 18,5 km.
192104z aug 2011 - OY1CT - RST 538 in IP62lc, Kivik Faeroe Isl. QRB: 1304 km. !
151504z apr  2013 - OZ5N - RST 599 in JO46si - incl. spectral observation report.  
230004z sep 2013 - OX/OZ1LXJ - RST 559 in GP51WF, QRB 3422 Km. ! ! (Dist-Record)

For more informations about this beacon, look at the www.qrz.com/ov1bcn

*** ON AIR ***

Scedule is -  hr. + 04 / 19 / 34 / 49 min. (  2 minuts after GB-beacons)

in the periode H24..

USB announcement is made by Miss.G, lsn. on 5289,5 Khz. in display frq. and CW is still centered at 5290,5 Khz.

Any reports is welcome, as to modes readabilities are of interest.(MT63)

here is a youtube information about the beacon.:

  After the storm of 28.oct.2013 my antenna was hit by a green-house. ( on the beacons 3-year birthday...) look here.:

the damege was none, the beacon just continued running !

But it did´t stop the transmitter, it just continued running...